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Electromech provide their customers with a complete range of all-in-one solutions for power generation within a spectrum of 42kVA and 3250kVA. These high-class power stations are only equipped by engines of famous international manufacturers.

Please select from the ranges below or email Electromech at sales@electromech.org to discuss your requirements as Electromech are happy to advise you based on your requirements.

Deutz Air Cooled Generators

DEUTZ (Air cooled diesel engines) is a worldwide known company associated with quality, unbelievable reliability and legendary durability. Now experience these features in Electromech's in-house developed power generating sets with air-cooled diesel engines. The new product spectrum of Air-cooled Diesel Gensets (ADG) covers the closely meshed power range from 28 to 160 kVA (at cos phi 0,8) for main power frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz.

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Deutz Generators

Complete range of standard generator sets starts at 42kVA. For the lower power spectrum Electromech refer to industrial engines by Deutz, Volvo and John Deere. Together with the brilliant alternators an outstanding independence emerges which is in demand all over the world. Electromech's long-term tests prove extremely high reliability and efficiency of generator sets. It does not matter on which country or application-specific conditions they operate, the serial plants are delivered complete and ready to use.

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MTU Generators

MTU Generators function in a wide range of situations: as backup for power outages on the public grid, as supplement power at peak demand periods, or as standalone continuous power provider to essential installations including: industrial parks, financial centres, computer and telecom centres, television and satellite stations, railway stations, airports, factories, stadiums and hospitals.

The brilliant industrial engines by MTU create the base for our great serial gensets or for the industrial applications. Even within the power range above 700kVA Electromech can offer you an excellent programme of complete and ready to use serial solutions. Customers are over again and over again surprised which multifunctional and flexible possibilities to use as a result from it. Special projects are always individually supervised, this means that Electromech design, produce and deliver your generator set exactly to your guidelines.

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Perkins Generators

Perkins engines are a renowned highly functional durable and efficient, which create a standard of serial gensets for every industrial application. Electromech can offer you an excellent programme of complete and ready to use serial solutions throughout their Perkins Generator range.

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