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Ras Laffan
Ruhstorf/Ras Laffan.
In contrast to lucent Dubai, the small emirate of Qatar has not hit the international headlines yet. However, the small kingdom at the Persian Gulf has an interesting strategy to advance its independence from crude oil and natural gas. To achieve this goal, the state-owned investment society "Qatar Investment Authority" (QIA) was founded, investing the profits from the crude oil trade in the most diverse national and international industrial projects. However, one of the currently largest projects is implemented in Qatar itself. A gigantic industrial area of 100 km² is built in the almost uninhabited north of the emirate at present. The state-owned petroleum group "Qatar Petroleum" builds inter alia several gas-liquifying plants, a thermal cracking plant as well as a huge industrial harbour in the area. The current supply is provided by its own power plant, whereas the thermal waste heat is simultaneously used for seawater desalination. In doing so, the seawater is heated to a temperature of 115 degree Celsius. The water condenses at different pressure levels and precipitates as freshwater in radiators specially designed for this purpose. The saltwater is then pumped back into the sea. In this way, the entire industrial area of Ras Laffan can reliably be provided with fresh water and energy.